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We recommend and sell only what we use and enjoy -- wonderful products like Grado Labs headphones, Koetsu, Benz-Micro and Transfiguration phono cartridges; Nottingham, Clearaudio, and Pro-Ject turntables; tube electronics by Aesthetix and Rogue Audio, and solid state electronics by Simaudio, Quad and Cambridge Audio; cables by Audience and Tara labs.  We offer dynamic speakers from Focal/JMLab, and Transmission Audio, and both electrostatic panels and dynamic speakers from Quad.

At Sound Mind Audio we are a "music first" business, believing that music enhances our lives through the spiritual and emotional benefits we derive from enjoying it.  We do not sell "status symbols" designed to enhance one's self-image.  There are expensive products and there are high-price-point products.  We trust that after you have spent time with us you will understand the distinction!  

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It's great to be back HOME!
Written by Brian Kurtz   
My first 4 1/2 years was in a home, then 5 1/2 in a storefront, now back to a home again.  WHY?  Part financial, mostly spiritual/emotional/psychological....I really hated pushing myself so hard to generate cash every month just to get by, all the while trying to be the service-based guy I'd always been....too much to do, too little time...

CALL ME on my cell number, which is 512-922-6043.  AT&T has screwed me over again and I have had enough; disconnecting my number and just living from my cell phone!  I would like to be more calm than this, and I won't give you the story.  Just call me on my cell. Thanks!

A lot has changed  since I moved out of the storefront in May '08.  I was nudged into becoming a licenced Realtor, working with Lee Properties.  Lately I'm back doing the SMA thing full- to part-time, and working as the worldwide sales director for JENA Labs cable, line conditioning, and other products full time now!

Sound Mind Audio is always there for those of you who need the love and attention you know I'll give you and your music system, and I'll always appreciate your patronage!  THANKS VERY MUCH to my core 150 clients or so are still there for me!  Want to be on that now-very-short list?  Let me know that you're more serious about music than cool toys, and that you can afford $500 or so per transaction (less than that and I'm losing money, given the time I spend with each and every one of you!), and we'll be together for the rest of our lives!

Review: Walker Audio Talisman
Written by Brian Kurtz   

talisman150dpicropped Here's a picture of Lloyd Walker's latest "too absurd to be true but it most certainly transforms your system" tweak, THE TALISMAN....comes complete with silly graphics on it, making it even more of a joke to show to clients and friends....BUT THIS THING REALLY WORKS! The Talisman really is an effective magic wand for your CDs and LPs!

I have shown this thing to everyone from "friends of ours who could care less, but sit there because we ask 'em to," to the tweakiest of the tweaks....EVERYONE WHO LETS US SHOW THE TALISMAN TO THEM HAS HEARD THE IMPROVEMENT IT MAKES ON BOTH CDs AND LPs!

Just get one, OK!?!?!?!   If you come into the shop and get the demo, you'll be $200. lighter, but FAR more ready to enjoy your audio system!

Quad ESLs are here!
Written by Brian Kurtz   

large_4.jpg The wonderful folks who distribute Quad Electrostatics have been kind enough to send us a pair of Reference Series 2805s to show around!!!!

If you're serious about owning electrostatics and find hybrids just sound like two different types of speakers failing to play well together, then it's time to try some Quads.  They're wider than those "other" electrostats because they're NOT hybrids.  They're a ONE-WAY loudspeaker...just like the microphone that records the music you enjoy.  They won't shake the ground but they're reproduce a tympani crash at the symphony just like you were really there...filling the hall effortlessly but not artifically thumping you in the chest or rattling your teeth.  Get the idea?  THAT is why Quad 2805s and their big brothers, the 2905s keep winning awards all over the world.  They're just GREAT loudspeakers.

Stop in for a listen!