Phono Cartridges

All the hype in the world can't make a bad record sound good, but one thing's for sure -- if you want to get maximum information extraction from a record groove you'd better choose wisely your next phono cartridge and let a real expert set it up. At Sound Mind Audio we take very seriously that diamond in the grooves of your favorite records. A good phono cartridge will not only help your LPs last longer, it'll help you HEAR MORE OF WHAT'S THERE TO BE HEARD, FELT, and EXPERIENCED.

We have cartridges for every budget, as well as all of the tips and tweaks to get the most out of them sonically AS WELL AS helping them LAST longer!

Buy your cartridge from SMA, and I'll SET UP YOUR NEW CARTRIDGE ON YOUR TURNTABLE if you're local, or anywhere in the US or Canada if you'll cover my expenses to get there! That'll include proper dial-in with a well-used protractor and our Winds 1/100th gram stylus pressure gauge? If you wonder WHY I'd go to such trouble, you've never heard the difference 1/100th of a gram can make on a Benz-Micro, Koetsu, Shelter, or Transfiguration! Remember, too that stylus pressure also affects Vertical Tracking Angle, whose setting is crucial to proper contact between the diamond and the groove.

I'll also do a follow up tweak-visit once you have 150 hours of time on it! Find another deal who'll do THAT for you!

I look forward to hearing from you!